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IPSF Coralline Algae Booster™

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Now available exclusively from IPSF. Use these deeply colored, vibrantly healthy cultures of crustose pink and red Mesophyllum algae to seed your tank and live rock with what many experts consider to be the world's most beautiful encrusting coralline species.
Produced under strict quarantine conditions at our Kona farmsite, guaranteed viable. We know of no other source for pure coralline algae cultures like these. You'll receive two well encrusted booster plates, each about 3" long. The combined surface area of coralline algae on these plates is more than enough to seed your tank with beneficial coralline spores. For best results, place the booster plates (red side up) into crevices behind your live rocks, in low light and moderately swift current.

Coralline Algae Booster, just $19.95 with any order ($29.95 if ordered alone). Limit one set per customer, please. Order today!

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