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Reef Amphipod Breeding Kit™

- small, shrimplike crustaceans of the genus Grammarus - are among the best invertebrate diversity builders you can add to a reef tank, sump or refugium. Our Hawaiian Reef Amphipods mate and reproduce readily in captivity. They consume enormous quantities of diatoms, hair algae and other nuisance algae. They are also a healthy live diet for all types of clownfishes, angelfishes and Mandarin gobies.We ship our captive-bred Reef Amphipods™ nationwide daily, and we've learned that their preferred breeding habitat is a lush green mat of Ulva macroalgae - the 'Pod Mat. You can create your own amphipod farm by floating one of these amphipod mats under low light in a well-aerated sump, refugium or dedicated 10-gallon breeding tank. Seed it with amphipod breeder specimens which we provide. A twice-weekly addition of our enriched 'Pod Flakes (just a pinch!) provides ample nutrient input and trace elements. Our Reef Amphipod Breeding Kit gets you started with all the right components: adult and sub-adult reef amphipods (at least 25 specimens), a thriving 3" x 3" mat of Ulva macroalgae and enough enriched 'Pod Flakes to last for several months.

Grow your own! Amphipod Breeding Kit, $29.95 with any livestock order; free shipping if ordered as part of a Mix 'n Match Special. ($39.95 plus shipping if ordered alone). Add extra 'Pod Breeders just 19.95. Order today!

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