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SurfZone Live Sand Activator Plus™ Featuring WONDERMUD™

live sand
If you have dry sand or substrate already available for your new tank setup, you'll still need to activate it with a rich culture of nitrifying bacteria, detritivores and micro-invertebrates.

Why compromise when you can now get all the benefits of true Indo-Pacific diversity? We'll send you a 300 ml bag of our richest Live Sand Activator™, guaranteed to kickstart the nitrogen processing capability of your marine aquarium system. Each bag contains biologically active, geologically young coral sand [from our 100% aragonite, reverse-flow biofilters] plus at least 6 MicroHermit™ Detritivores ($19.95 value) and 6 grazing snails ($19.95 value).We'll add a sealed package of fresh Liquid N-Reducer™ ($9.95 value), which is a highly concentrated liquid suspension of live Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter bacteria. But that's not all you'll receive. You'll get a unique starter culture of at least 20 Reef Amphipods™ - in all life stages from adults to recently-metamorphosed juveniles ($19.95 value). We know of no other source for these incredibly active benthic crustaceans, which are a key component of the natural microfauna on all Indo-Pacific live rocks. Finally, you'll receive a 300 ml bag of aerobic IPSF WonderMud™ ($19.95 value), straight from the bottom of our shallow, sunlit Salt Pond Ecosystem tank, which has been continuously open to fresh-from-the-reef seawater for over five years! Add the WonderMud and the N-Reducer to the Live Sand Activator and Reef Amphipods to get a powerful, four-way dose of invertebrate and microbial biodiversity. This combination is equally well suited for your main tank, sump or refugium.

Undoubtedly the best deal on the site - the combined value of these items ordered separately is over $90. SURFZONE Live Sand Activator Plus... $49.95 with any livestock order ($59.95 if ordered alone) [Limit one set per order please.] Order today!

Package contents and instructions:

Liquid N-Reducer
A concentrated solution of Nitrosomonas and Nitrobacter bacteria, adequate for treating up to 250 gallons of seawater. Will not overdose smaller systems. May be stored in refrigerator for up to 6 months before use. Add entire contents to new or existing marine aquariums. No acclimation necessary.

Activated Live Sand
Biologically active live aragonite sand taken fresh daily from our reverse-flow biofilters, supplemented with a diverse mix of MicroHermits (6 specimens), tiny worms, tiny 'pods, and grazing gastropod snails (6 specimens). Use immediately after unpacking your shipment. Contents are alive! Mix sand and invertebrates with existing sand substrate in new or established marine aquarium tanks. Acclimation

A seawater-based slurry of fine-grained calcium carbonate-based sediments, shell fragments, aerobic organic detritus, beneficial bacteria and marine micro-invertebrates taken fresh daily from our Salt Pond Ecosystem Tanks after more than five years of exposure to continuously flowing, unfiltered reef seawater. Each bag of WonderMud contains several to many specimens of Reef Amphipods, Mama Mia Worms, Baby Bristle Worms, baby shrimps, baby snails and as a very diverse assemblage of reef phytoplankton and zooplankton. Add WonderMud to existing sand substrate in new or established marine aquarium tanks to increase micro-biotic diversity. Add entire contents of bag including shipping water. Use immediately after opening shipping box. Contents are alive and perishable. Acclimation

Reef Amphipods
Small, shrimplike crustaceans of the genus Grammarus which colonize live rocks in nature and graze diatoms and other forms of microalgae from the rock surface. Netted fresh daily at IPSF; shipped as adults, juveniles and larvae. Minimum of 20 specimens included. The Biology of Amphipods Info Link (text and figures). Use immediately after opening shipping box. Contents are alive and perishable. Important: Before adding Reef Amphipods to your marine aquarium, turn off skimmer, power heads and sump pump. Add contents of bag directly to your new or established tank to boost invertebrate diversity. Acclimation.
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